Nov 5, 2014

Call The Cops And Their New Album

Back in the summer of 2010 Call The cops released what is arguably one of the best powerpop albums released and anyone who was into the genre during that time period would likely agree. At first it seemed like they were going to gain some momentum and possibly join the ranks of The Friday Night Boys or Forever The Sickest Kids but they lacked any real publicity. In my opinion it was their label that limited their potential because at the time they were signed to Myspace records along with a roster of other bands you probably haven't heard of either. I'll just put it out there that if Call The Cops would have been signed to Fearless Records or Fueled By Ramen they would have a much larger following. I even believe this band could have made it on the radio if they had the right connections. Songs like So Over You and Room 410 were very poppy and would have had mass appeal. 

After the release of the Deluxe version of their debut album in 2011 the band dropped off the map posting very little on social media. They played a few small shows here and there but for the most part dead silence. Except for the mentions of a new album that was "on the way" first mentioned in the summer of 2012 it seemed like it could be expected soon but then their was dead silence again until September of 2013 when a new single was posted on sound cloud featuring the lead singer of Jamie's Elsewhere. Around that time we were also told that the album was finished but it's been over a year and there has not been a single update from the band at all. Here is the good news when asked recently about the status of the album Rob Roberts one of the members on the band told me that their getting ready to release the album soon and that their sorry about the wait. I hope he's telling the truth because i'm craving this album more than any other just because I've been waiting so long.

I was going to embed their "new" single here but it has just recently been deleted from soundcloud and it exists no place else on the web. Please support the band by liking them on facebook and tell them you're excited for their new album.